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Employment Contracts
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1. An employer shall state the following matters clearly. The same shall also apply to any alteration of the following matters after entering into a Employment Contract (labor contract).
 2.Contractual work hours;
 4.Annual paid leaves
 5.Other terms and conditions prescribed by Presidential Decree.

2. An employer shall deliver the written statement specifying constituent items, calculation methods and payment methods of wages with respect to the wages under paragraph (1) 1 and the matters prescribed in subparagraphs 2 through 4 to workers: Provided, That where the matters under the main sentence is modified due to reasons prescribed by Presidential Decree, such as changes, etc. of collective agreements or rules of employment, such matters shall be delivered to the relevant workers at their request.
(The article 17 of the LSA)

An Employment Contract does not require any specific form, which means an employment contract is fully effective by not only by on paper agreement but by on oral agreement. However the article 17 of LSA impose a duty on employer to write certain conditions phrased in the article 17th of LSA on paper and give the copy of the employment contract to the employee.