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Kangnam Administrative Law Firm
Understanding the Korean administrative legal system as well as the culture of Korea is key to achieving success in Korea.
Kangnam Administrative Law Firm, one of the leading administrative law expert groups in Korea, has been established to provide foreigners and foreign-affiliated companies with professional legal services based on each client’s unique needs.

The Kangnam Administrative Law Firm’s main mission is to represent clients in their various applications to government and government-affiliated institutes in Korea.

Some examples of the areas in which we provide assistance include:
     Approval to construct housing or other building types
     Approval to open a restaurant or receive a license to sell food
     Approval to register and operate a food vehicle
     Approval for various forms of business licensing

We can also provide legal assistance when appealing
· business suspension or
· cancellation of a license (including of your driver’s license)

The Korean government provides an efficient appeal system which will ultimately reduce the cost of dispute, and our unique experiences while giving high quality service to our clients make us an invaluable help when appealing decisions made by branches of the Korean government or government institutes or agents.

Our particular areas of specialization are in Immigration affairs and Compensation for occupational accidents.

Feel free to contact us by visiting our office on the 15th floor of the Champs Elysees Center, which is connected to Seoul’s Seolleung metro station (Line 2), or call us at (+822) 539-0098.

You can also email us at bongsoojung@naver.com.

We would be honored to help you as you establish an efficient and successful workplace environment.