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Cancelled Driver’s Licenses
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Suspension & Revocation of a Driver’s License
A suspension of a driver’s license refers to one’s license and driving privileges being taken away for a specified period of time due to a violation of traffic regulations and/or a traffic accident.

Appeals to Driver’s License Suspensions or Revocation

Filing of Objections/Administrative Appeals to Disposition Taken to Revoke or Suspend a Driver’s License

Relation to Administrative Litigation
No administrative litigation on any disposition taken pursuant to this Act shall be filed unless it has undergone an abjudication in an administrative trial.

Filing of Objections to Disposition Taken to Revoke or Suspend a Driver’s License
Anyone dissatisfied with a disposition taken to revoke or suspend his/her driver's license may file an objection with the commissioner of a district police agency within 60 days from the date that person is notified of the disposition.

An appeal shall be filed within 90 days from the date on which an appellant becomes aware that a disposition has been made.
If an appellant has been unable to file an appeal within 90 days due to a natural disaster, war, emergency, or other force majeure event, he/she may file an appeal within 14 days from the date on which the cause thereof no longer exists: Provided, that where an appeal is filed in a foreign country, the period shall be 30 days.
No appeal may be brought after 180 days from the date a disposition is made: Provided, that the same shall not apply where any extenuating grounds exist.