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When an employee of the employer covered by IACI suffers an occupationalinjury or illness which requires 4 days or longer of medical treatment, or diesfrom a work-related cause, the IACI benefit shall be paid, at the request of theemployee (or his/her surviving family member) The IACI benefits include medicalcare benefit, suspension benefit, injury-disease compensation annuity, disability
benefit, survivors' benefit, nursing benefit, funeral expense benefit, vocationalrehabilitation benefit (newly created on July l, 2008). In case that an employee isgiven the industrial accident compensation insurance benefit due to an industrialaccident, the responsibility of employer to compensate employees for the damageincurred by the accidents under the Labor Standards Act is exempted and his/herresponsibility for damages payment under the civil law is exempted within therange of the insurance benefit.

(1) Medical care benefits
Medical care benefits shall provide for the total amount of medical careexpenses and be available at any medical institution insured by the Corporation, orat any institution designated by the Corporation, provided that, in cases of greatdisadvantage, expenses spent for medical treatment may be paid in lieu of theactual medical care.

(2) Suspension Benefits
Suspension benefits shall be provided for the period in which an employee isunable to work due to medical care needed from injury at work or contracting anoccupational illness. The amount to be paid for a day shall be limited to 70% ofthe average wage. If the period of medical leave is three days or less, nopayment shall be given.

(3) Disability Benefits
If a worker still remains handicapped upon completion of treatment received foran occupational injury or illness, the employer shall provide the handicappedworker, according to the level of disability, compensation equivalent to the sum ofaverage wages multiplied by the number of days provided in the table (Attachmentof the IACI).

(4) Survivors’ benefits
Survivors' benefits shall be paid to the surviving family of the worker who hasdied from a work-related cause. The benefits are 1,300 days of average wage,which can be rendered in either of the following two methods: ① 50% paid in alump sum and 50% in pension; or ②) 100% paid in pension.

(5) Funeral Expenses
Funeral expenses shall be paid for a deceased worker killed by a work-relatedaccident. An additional payment equivalent to 120 days’ worth of the worker’saverage wage shall be provided to the entity performing the funeral seπice.

(6) Nursing Benefits
Nursing benefits shall be paid to those who receive medical care benefits
pursuant to Article 61 as 1st or 2nd degree seriously disabled persons and to
those who receive actual nursing services for constant or frequent nursing needs
after treatment.

(7) Lump sum compensation
If a worker, who receives medical care benefits, is also paid an injury-diseasecompensation annuity after three years of receiving medical care, then theemployer may terminate the worker’s service upon the fourth year as prescribed inArticle 84 of the Labor Standards Act, in accordance with the provisions of theproviso of Article 23 CZ) of the LSA (Article 52-4 of the IACI).

(8) Vocation따 rehabilitation benefit (newly created July. 1. 2008)
For a worker who receives disability benefits or needs vocational training to beemployed, expenses required for the training and vocational training allowance aresubsidized.