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Industrial Accident Compensation
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Tie industrial accident compensation insurance (hereinafter called “IACI”) iS a social insurance system in which the government provides an occupationally ill and injured employee with the compensation to be paid by his/her employer under the Labor Standards Act. Under this system, individual employers are obligated to make a given rate of contribution to the insurance fund and, in return, are exempted from paying compensation for occupationally ill or in injured employees.The government uses this fund to compensate employees for their work-related injury or disease.

Medical care benefits include the amount acknowledged as such and spent in medically treating a worker with work-related injuries or diseases whose treatments at a domestically authorized WCI medical institution take 4 days or more. To be eligible for the same benefits, he or she shall fill in and submit the Claim for Medical Care Benefits for which his or her eligibility will be determined by us. The full amount spent on the same treatments will be borne by the COMWEL.