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Foreigner Sojourns
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Sojourn & Scope of Permitted Activity for Foreign Nationals
* Any foreign national may sojourn in the Republic of Korea within the scope of his/her status and period of sojourn.
* No foreign national sojourning in the Republic of Korea shall engage in any political activity with the exception of cases provided for by the Immigration Control Act or any other related Acts.
* If a foreign national sojourning in the Republic of Korea is engaged in any unauthorized political activity, the Minister of Justice may order, in writing, the foreign national to suspend such activity, or may issue other orders as necessary.
Any foreign national intending to be employed in the Republic of Korea shall attain a status of sojourn eligible for employment activities, as prescribed by Presidential Decree.
* No foreign national having the status of sojourn shall work at any place other than the workplace registered with the Korea Immigration Service .
* No person shall employ any foreign national without status of sojourn.
* No person shall arrange or solicit the employment of a foreign national who will not have status of sojourn at time of employment .
* No person shall place any foreign national in Korea without status of sojourn under his/her management with the intention to arrange that foreign national’s employment.
* If a foreign national sojourning in the Republic of Korea intends to perform activities corresponding to a different status of sojourn, in addition to those activities corresponding to his/her original status of sojourn, he/she shall obtain prior permission from the Minister of Justice.