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Teachers’ Appeals
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Disciplinary Action against a Civil Servant in Education
A Disciplinary Committee for Civil Servants in Education (hereinafter referred to as the "Disciplinary Committee") shall be established in educational institutions, educational administrative agencies, local governments, and educational research institutions as prescribed by Presidential Decree to determine disciplinary action against civil servants in education and matters concerning the hiring of teachers.

Relationship with Administrative Litigation

No administrative litigation over any disposition, any unfavorable action contrary to the intention of the person concerned, or any omission shall be lodged without undergoing the review and decision of an Appeals Review Committee.
Relationship with the Local Public Officials Act
In applying the Local Public Officials Act to public university teaching staff who are also civil servants, the "review committee" in the same Article shall mean the "Appeal Commission for Teachers".
Relationship with the Special Act on the Improvement of Teachers’ Status
A teacher may appeal a disciplinary action or other unfavorable measure, within 30 days after he/she is informed of such action or measure, and ask the Examination Committee to examine it. In such cases, the appellant teacher may assign a lawyer as his/her procurator.

Decision on Examination of Appeal

The Examination Committee shall make a decision on a request for examination of any appeal within 60 days after receiving such request: Provided, that if the Examination Committee deems it necessary, it may extend the time period to make a decision by 30 days.