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Civil Servants’ Appeals
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1. If a civil servant who has received an explanatory note on grounds of a disposition issued and classified as removal, dismissal, demotion, suspension from office, reduction of salary or reprimand, he/she may request a review of the disposition from the Appeals Review Committee within 30 days after receipt of the explanatory note.

2. The Appeals Review Committee shall make a final decision within 60 days upon receipt of the request therefor: Provided, that the Committee may extend the said period by resolution to a maximum of 30 days, when deemed necessary.

3. Revocation litigation shall be instituted within 90 days from the date upon receipt of a resolution from the Appeals Review Committee.
Disposition is known : in cases where the proviso of Article 18 (1) is provided, or a request for administrative adjudication is accepted, or an administrative agency mistakenly informs that a request for administrative adjudication is permitted, the period during which a request for administrative adjudication is made shall be reckoned from the date the exemplification of a written adjudication is served.